Table set upAlso known as Closed Door Restaurants, a Supperclub is the next best thing to a restaurant dining experience. Here at That Hungry Chef, Pratap brings his experience as a chef in some of London’s favourite restaurants and combines it with his own style of cooking that combines the best of British & European cuisine with global influences picked up from his travels.

“But what is a supperclub?”, we hear you ask. A supperclub is a ticketed dining
experience that happens occasionally or at regular intervals (weekly, monthly) and started off with hosts doing them in their homes. Nowadays a supperclub can take place in the hosts home, unused spaces such as churches, bell towers, train carriages or even in cafe’s and deli’s that close for the evening. The idea is to reconnect people, mostly sat at a common table with other strangers, without the distractions of mobile phones and social media as everyone gets stuck in and the conversations are free flowing and friendships are forged. The other best part of a supperclub is that it’s BYOB!

The dinners take place at a secret location (our home) in Islington, North London licked clean(the address is revealed only upon booking confirmation) and feature either 3-6 course meals or a traditional Indian ‘thali’ where Pratap draws inspiration from the royal houses of India.

There’s plenty of conversation, laughter and the odd surprise to make you feel completely at home and the food is just as you would expect from someone who’s trained in some of London’s finest restaurants.

To find out about our upcoming events, just click on the image below.

 grub club