The Curious Thali, Part 1

The Curious Thali, Part 1

The thali, or platter, is an entire meal represented on one plate, with bowls of steaming curries, raita, vegetables & dal, mounds of delicately perfumed rice, strategically placed snacks, kebabs & salads and that secret bowl of dessert, all on one platter.

Here at That Hungry Chef, we introduce the first of our Thali dinners, with recipes from the vast repertoire of North India, from kings to aunts, family to friends.

And having spent time in the kitchens of Gordon Ramsay, Chez Bruce & The Cinnamon Club, when Pratap promises an introduction to Thali, it’s bound to be something worth trying.

To be honest… It really couldn’t be better!

“Whatever creatures dwell on this earth,
By food, in truth, they live.
And into food they shall pass,
For truly, food is the chief of beings.”

-Taittiriya Upanishad, 8th century BC