Coastal Cruising: Traditional Goan Thali. 9 April 2015

Coastal Cruising: Traditional Goan Thali. 9 April 2015

Journey with us to the coastal Indian state of Goa, famous for its beaches, parties and food, especially the infamous Pork Vindaloo (which, incidentally, tastes nothing like the alpha-male slop cooked in Britain).

Colonised by the Portuguese until the 20th century, Goa is a melange of cultures and flavours with Portuguese dishes finding favour and flavour through Indian spices and harmonising with the native Konkan coastal cuisine that makes for a thali worth remembering.

Presented in the traditional Indian manner, a thali is where you get all your food and courses on one platter, slowly making your way through the bowls and mounds of steaming, aromatic delicacies.



Sannas & pork ‘vinha d’alhos’
(Fermented rice pancake, pork vindaloo)


Nishtyachi Kodii: Traditional Goan fish curry
Temperado: green beans & carrots in spiced coconut milk
Foogath: curried spring cabbage stir fry
Crispy plantain wafers
Red rice & peanut pulao

Sago & coconut pudding, doce (gram & cardamom toffee)



£37.50 per person, BYOB

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