There used to be the common food trend that  got advertised as ‘back to basics’. Everything and everyone went back to basics, or at least, tried to. Minimalist decor, minimalist food, some even forgot what the basics were and along with this trend came the tag line a lot of restaurants and pubs flashed proudly: ‘delicious home cooked food’ – which I never quite understood. Surely home cooked food should stay at home – I, for one, belong in the majority vote that we go out to have something different than what we cook at home.

Recently, what seems to be the rage is street food. Small, tapas style dishes, claiming to be replicas of streets in the countries they claim to be from (minus, of course, the dirt, the grime, the sweat, the flies – all ingredients, naturally, of delicious street food!). Nevertheless, Mexican food is something I hadn’t had much experience with, so when suggested we graze at Wahaca, the ever-growing Mexican street food restaurant of MasterChef fame, I didn’t say no (if nothing else, one can be sure of a good spicy chilli relish at a Mexican).

We ordered a couple of Wahaca Margueritas which were delicious and made with a fantastic tequila.

It was the Wahaca Selection that caught our eye.
Along came Pork pibil tacos, Broad bean quesadilla, Chicken tinga tacos, black bean tostadas, New potato taquitos, Green rice and black beans . They were all fairly decent – light. The chicken with a hint of cinnamon in it was quite nice and the rest were decent – went nicely with the addition of chilli sauce and guacamole (which could have done with more lime).

All in all, a decent, light and quick meal with friendly staff.

Overall Experience: 8
Recommend you to go? 6
Food: 6
Wine: n/a

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