Now Highbury is by no means anywhere near being gastronomic. Unless you consider Tesco. So for an Italian restaurant to be consistently jam packed with people and getting good reviews is a welcome addition to an otherwise restaurant black hole. Add to the equation celebrity backing. Lulu’s (famed British singer of yore) son runs the place. That same Lulu’s son who spent a couple of weeks at Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s with me on the larder section! What fun! Must go! After the usual ‘ring ring, hello, yes, sure, oh! wait a minute. no that’s alright, see you later’ business, we were at the bar sipping negroni’s and browsing the menu. Wasn’t very hard to choose as it was a small menu and it sounded good.

So we decided to share a starter of braised artichokes, lamb’s lettuce . I love artichokes and this one made me very happy. Could happily eat a whole plate of them!
My main course was Roast skate, samphire and lentils Again, yum! The best thing about skate is eating the bones – soft and crunchy like chicken cartilage. Yes, strange, I know – but you’re either in that group, or you’re out! It’s yum!
M’s main course was Whole grilled mackerel with a warm salad of croutons, garlic, mint, parsley, tomato and spring onion Very yummy, if only the mackerel being a bit overcooked and dry.

Dessert wasn’t anything special, with Apricot and almond tart, creme fraiche – bit dry.

Nonetheless, we were quite happy and the restaurant was full at any given time.

And the manager (said son of singer) shared a moment of recognition when he passed our table, but quickly moved away. Hmm. I wasn’t going to embarass him with past stories anyway!

We did wonder if the restaurant would continue to be as full with the planned opening of Jamie’s Italian on the other end of Upper Street. We’ll have to wait and see!

Overall Experience: 7
Recommend you to go? 7
Food: 6
Wine: 6
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