This Hungry Chef – Starters

Smoked mackerel, avocado and radish tart, gooseberries
Ham hock and pigs head terrine, piccalilli, sourdough
Trio of scallops: smoked, roast and poached in apple & ginger
Foie gras ballotine, apple and ginger puree, fennel oil, brioche
Smoked salmon, caviar, cucumber, radishes
Spice crusted red mullet, spring vegetable kedgeree, baby beetroot
Scallops, spiced dates, coriander and mint chutney
Asparagus: grilled, raita, fritter, grapefruit and cumin gel
Roast partridge with anise flavours
Goats curd and herb mousse, confit potato, rye bread, truffle, micro herbs