The Girl and Goat, Chicago

It’s amazing how much hype and attention is given to winners of TV food competitions and even more remarkable is the quality of food on offer at these restaurants. Having unintentionally eaten at several restaurants run by the US food series Top Chef winners, the expectations from such restaurant just kept getting higher and higher and one such restaurant, The Girl and Goat, in Chicago had been garnering a lot of praise from critics and best restaurant lists alike.

Getting a table at Girl and Goat is no easy feat, but I did manage to get a late afternoon spot at 4.30 and even then, the restaurant was full with staff desperately trying to keep up with serving efficiently and, in my case, falling very short. The food is casual and manages to pass on a few vibes of comfort food, but certainly doesn’t have you hankering for a repeat meal. A carpaccio of goat was simply and classically garnished yet needed a shake of salt to tease out any flavour the goat might have had. A main course of roast salmon, sugar snaps, sunflower seeds and olives kept things light and fresh – quite apt for a hot sunny afternoon but dessert  of tres leches was a messy, sugary attempt and one mouthful was more than enough.

Tres leches


Food: 6

Recommend you go: 5

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