Flavours of Kerala Feast Box - 29 January

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Known as God's Own Country, the South Indian state of Kerala is legendary for it's cuisine. With images of fishing nets cast out with the setting sun as the backdrop, houseboats on the serene backwaters, dense jungles with numerous colourful birds and beasts of all shapes and sizes, Kerala is definitely one of the most picturesque parts of the subcontinent. Having grown up in South India with many Malyalis, Pratap's love for the cuisine came at a very young age and so did the desire to learn how to cook it. These dishes are a small selection of his favourite dishes that he learnt cook from friends and aunties over the years.
Treat yourself to a little southern sunshine!


Nadan beef ularthiyathu
dry curry of beef with black pepper, curry leaf & lime

Masala dosai
fermented rice & white lentil pancakes, stuffed with masala mashed potatoes

Cheriya ulli sambar
lentil & button onion curry with tamarind

stir-fried cabbage & carrots with mustard seed & ginger

beetroot yoghurt tempered with mustard seed, curry leaf & ginger

Vella Chammanthi
coconut & ginger chutney, curry leaf


rice and mung bean pudding, saffron, cardamom & jaggery

Masala Chai
spice drops to make your own masala chai, courtesy our friends at Holy Lama Spice Drops

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