Feast of the Maharajahs Box - 28 January

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Our Maharajah's Feast box is a celebration of the cuisine of the Royal Palaces and families that once governed and ruled India. All the recipes here were collected from various royal families by Maharani S.D Holkar of Indore as a way of preserving a culinary heritage that is fast disappearing. This archive of treasured recipes was graciously gifted to Pratap as a wedding present by her daughter, a very dear friend of Nikhat's. We've been cooking from it every winter since we launched in 2013 at our weekly supperclub and also for private events in London.
This box is suitable for non vegetarians and also for families where there is a vegetarian.
All of the dishes come fully cooked (except the rice) and require minimal assembly. They also come with complete guidance on reheating and serving but also with videos about the history and folklore behind the dishes and the magnificent life of the royals in India.

*The photos shown here are not representative of the actual dishes in the box, but an example of what to expect (these are from our box from last year).


Hyderabad's most acclaimed curry, Nizam of Hyderabad, circa 1616
lamb, onion and yoghurt curry

Vegetarian option: Shah Jehan's Last Stew, Red Fort, Delhi
paneer & red pepper curry with almonds, pistachio, clove & cardamom
(contains milk, nuts)

Sarson ka saag, makki di roti, Patiala Palace
mustard greens, corn & fenugreek roti
(contains mustard)

Lentils for a song, Dogra Palace, Kashmir
Mung dal with cumin & coriander

Benarasi Gobi, Benares Palace
cauliflower & potatoes with caraway, ginger & tomato

Smoked pomegranate raita, Ahilya Fort Maheshwar
(contains milk)

Chickpea pulao, Red Fort, Delhi
with almonds, saffron, rose and cardamom


24 Carat Toast
Mughal bread pudding, toasted rice & saffron sauce
(contains milk, egg, gluten)

rose petal marmalade, fennel, sesame, coconut & betel leaf truffle
(contains sesame)

*unfortunately we cannot accommodate any dietary requirements or make substitutions to the menu at the moment.

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