Having a lovely little pub as your local is great. Having  a fantastic little restaurant also as your local is a double victory. Especially when there’s nothing really worth of any mention on that stretch of road. A couple of weeks ago I decided to take a chance on the Malaysian restaurant Puji-Puji a few minutes walk away from my house. The menu read like any South East Asian restaurant and at the best of times, the restaurant was always, mostly empty. Nevertheless, the thing that surprised me was that unlike most restaurants in its category, Puji-Puji’s menu was surprisingly short.

My first dinner comprised of Chicken rendang, basmati rice, stir-fried vegetables.The rendang was delicious! A substantial chunk of chicken cooked in a dry spice mix and, contrary to my expectations, rather moist and tender. The vegetables themselves were so good, I’ve had them every time I’ve been. The usual suspects of carrots, beans, sprouts, mushrooms and an unusual addition of dried bamboo fungus. Upon requesting a few sliced red chillies, they also brought me a little pot of home made sambal which I could have had by the jar full.

The second time around, I went for a Kari Ayam which is a seriously yummy red chicken curry – I soon realised I had discovered a winner! What I was surprised to see was that the waiter from my previous visit was now the chef, and after a little chat, found out that the restaurant was a family affair where it was mostly his mother cooking, but on occasion other members of the family would also cook. What joy!

My most recent visit had me ordering a Yellow curry with rice and stir-fried vegetables.  When I requested some chillies on the side, the lady taking my order said if I wanted something spicy, I shouldn’t have the yellow curry, but Chilli chicken (which, incidentally, wasn’t on the menu!). Now, I’m a complete sucker for getting dishes that aren’t on the menu and come specially recommended by the staff. My new favourite drink, Ginger slush (lots of ginger, pandan syrup blended with ice) kept me happy until the food arrived and all I can say is that everyone needs to try out this little gem of a restaurant. Lip-smackingly tasty chilli chicken!

The sign of a good restaurant, indeed, the sign of a great restaurant is when you look forward to your next meal shortly after finishing one! And I am definitely looking forward to coming here again and trying something different! Incidentally, Puji-Puji is Malay for praise! Plenty of it from my side for sure!

Overall Experience: 8
Recommend you to go? 9
Food: 8
Wine: n/a

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