Positive Energy event with MoneySuperMarket

Last week we were invited to be part of Moneysupermarket‘s latest outreach about how easy it is to switch your energy supplier. The brief? Pratap was to cook a meal in 5 minutes – which is how long it takes to switch your current energy supplier. But, it wasn’t going to be that easy. Not only was a meal to be cooked in 5 minutes, it was to be cooked using energy provided by cyclists. Yes, cyclists! But these weren’t any ordinary cycles, these were Electric Pedals cycles by Colin Tonks, where pedalling doesn’t help you in transport, but generates energy. This positive energy is then channelled into a cooking stove that Pratap used to cook food. Genius!

So, we rocked up at Jenius Social in Holloway along with Moneysupermarket and Electric Pedals and got set up. After a few canapes and welcome drinks, all the guests were invited to come and cycle for their dinner – 5.2 minutes to be exact.


Here’s how the evening panned out…

As Moneysupermarket says,

Renewable energy comes from natural sources that won’t run out, such as wind or wave power. Pedal power is not only a clean and fun method of generating electricity; it’s also a great way to promote sustainability, exercise and energy appreciation Electric Pedals has been pioneering this technology for nearly a decade, powering everything from phones to cinemas and more.


We challenged the guys at Electric Pedals to see if they could power cooking equipment in our UK-first culinary event. The unique setup consisted of four adult stationary bicycles, joined together to provide a single source of DC power.


As our guests pedaled, power passed through the element of a 12v / 150w frying pan – the harder they pedaled the hotter the frying pan got. And to make sure they all got their dinner, they had to pedal together to ensure the pan would stay hot enough for the 5.2 minutes needed to cook it.


Once the technology was in place we needed a chef to bring it to life, so we asked That Hungry Chef, Michelin-trained Pratap Chahal, to create a special menu. Pratap is no stranger to innovation, having worked in a number of top class restaurants including Gordon Ramsay Claridge’s and Chez Bruce, but this was undoubtedly one of the most unique culinary challenges he’d ever faced.”

Here are a few images from the night.

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