Panjim Fish, Meat and Veg Market, Goa

Go-aaaaahhh! That’s how one feels after spending time in the land of sun and sand, with its old Portuguese traditions melding in with Indian traditions and culture, where food is of legendary repute and siestas are a must. The food market in the capital of Panjim, too, is an experience unlike any other food market. Where else would one be able to get fish that are still breathing, having been caught not more than 10 minutes ago? Where else can you choose which chicken you would like slaughtered for your dinner? Where else would the state of the hygiene practices make you want to run a 100 miles screaming in shock and horror? Ha! Fear not, it’s fresh, it’s wonderful and it’s all oh so very good!

Soft Shell Crab
Bucket o'prawns
Miniscule shrimp
Bombay duck
Snapper - these were still breathing!
Prawns and more
Tending to her shoal
The regal Kingfish!
and again...
Baby ray
Giant mussels
Guy who preps your fish after you buy it
Prepping our kingfish
Pick your chicken!
Goat heads
Watermelons a plenty
Veg market vendors
Piles and piles of fresh vegetables
One of my favourites...Bitter Gourd
Baby hammerhead shark
Lobster...huge lobsters