Nobu – Berkeley St.

I hate rain, but I do like big umbrellas. Mainly beacause with big umbrellas, not only are you cozily dry on all sides, but you’re also protected from being poked in the eye by other people with big umbrellas. But I’d swap a big umbrella for a vintage umbrella. If you’re wondering what a vintage umbrella is, it’s one that a stranger on the street recognizes and tells you the make and the year of, and a snippet about how they wanted to get one for their mum. That, I have to say, is the best recognition an umbrella could ask for – especially when it’s raining. And when it’s London, it usually rains quite a lot.

As I handed over my soggy umbrella and bag at the reception and were shown the way up to the restaurant, I couldn’t help but notice how soft and cozy the lighting was at Nobu.

I’d eaten at Nobu Park Lane a few years ago and despite my shellfish allergy, I found lots of great things to chow down on – especially the Black Cod in Miso which I feel everyone should eat at least once in their life. Me? I was going to have it again.

We chose to sit at the sushi bar where an army of chefs brandishing the finest japanese knives artfully sliced, rolled, decorated and served exceptionally fresh and tasty fish. We decided to go in for some sushi and sashimi along with a few hot dishes.

We went with Sashimi of Tuna o-Toro which is meat from the belly (the prized fatty part of the tuna). Delicious. Soft, fatty, meltingly sweet – perfect with some seriously headbanging wasabi!
Next was M’s favourite – Mackerel sushi and Salmon skin roll – the roll was a revelation – crispy salmon skin and vegetables in a maki roll which was then covered in rice paper. Yum!

Along with this we went with Green tea with brown rice , Miso soup – both two of my favourite drinks – you can never have enough miso soup – this one was slightly smoky!

Sweet potato tempura – as you’d expect it to be – seriously crunchy!

Shiitake mushroom salad, chilli and lemon dressing The best thing about this was the star shapes carved into each mushroom! Yummy dressing!

Black cod with miso Ah. ahhhh! As M said, this is how fish should be cooked. Just fingerlicking good (and I got told off for doing just that!)

Happiness is delicious healthy Japanese food on a rainy evening!

Overall Experience: 9
Recommend you to go? 9
Food: 9
Wine: n/a
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