Nishiki Food Market, Kyoto

Like a child in a candy store,
Just wish I could have it all and more,
In Kyoto’s fair city,
The food market named Nishiki
Doth set my heart aflutter.
For there was fish a plenty,
And  every man filling his belly
With delights I’d never seen
Fried dumplings cooked through steam.
Oh! my thoughts were but an excited stutter.

Buckets of marinating goodness
Dried fishies a lookin pretty
Tasty snacks
Baby sardines
Cooked fish - divine Unagi (eel)
Miso glazed fish
Baby octopus with quail egg
Mochi happiness!
More fishy tales
Little fish, little fish, let me eat you!
Fish on a stick. Yummy eel
Fried and Steamed Lotus Root
Miso sea cucumber (I think!)
Chefs busy at work with eel