Momofuku Ssam, New York

“Momofuku ssäm bar is a casual, loud restaurant with an inventive menu that is constantly changing” Is how the restaurant describes themselves on their website. I wish it had been true! I do wish the food had been inventive. For the life of me I cannot fathom how a restaurant like this made it to the 50 best restaurants of the world – #37 this year. Was there dirty underhanded dealings? Is everyone on the committee best friends with David Chang that they felt they had to do him a favour and put the restaurant on the list?  Whatever the case may be, the 2 week high of New York dining had to finally crash and burn and it did ever so miserably, at Momofuku Ssam. The 37th best restaurant in the world. 


Pork bun
Corn pie

Steamed pork bun, hoisin, scallions:  Poor show and uninspiring. Nothing close to the magic of Red Farm or Fatty Crab – pork tasted like it had been boiled.

Rotisserie duck over rice: could have been great, but reminded me more of elastic processed food textures – like spam or something equally vile  the rest of the dish with ramps, rice, pancake etc was dry and nothing special.

Corn ice cream pie with mango: really? didn’t taste of corn, too rock solid to be ice cream, and salty to new levels of unpleasantness. A mouthful of salt. Creamy, hard, cold salt. The poor mango didn’t have a chance.


What a waste of time, energy and money. Lovely service though!


Food: 2

Recommend you go: nope!

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