L’autre Pied

It had to be my luck. Two days of glorious sunshine, and I mean scorching sunshine and I was stuck in the kitchen, sweating, sweltering and hoping it would stay that way on my day off.

(Really? You really thought that would be the case? This is England!)

And in true British style, I got out of bed on Sunday and promptly got back in. It was raining. No. It was pouring down. Bugger. Nonetheless, had a table booked at L’autre Pied, the off shoot of Pied a Terre (2 star), and the food sounded interesting and playful.

Luckily, the rain stopped. Well, it stopped, started, stopped again, restarted. But for the purpose of our lunch, it behaved and allowed us to have an outside table.

So, on to the food.

Salad of smoked duck, beetroot
I love beetroot and this had it all – raw, pickled, cooked, 4 different types of beetroot. The duck was merely an accessory.

For the mains (which seemed like they’d never come!):

Roast hake, broad beans, peas, sprouts
Delicious and very summery. Only problem, the hake tasted like it had been cured in salt. So I sent it back.

5 minutes later, I was brought the dish again and lo and behold, it was STILL TOO SALTY! My friend thought I was being difficult until she tasted it and confirmed I was right. By this point I was too hungry to send it back, so ploughed through. They’ve got a Michelin star! 2 lots of over-salted fish. Not good. Sunday attitude?

Dessert was equally less impressive, even though it sounded good:

Baked Alaska, cardamom ice cream, rhubarb
Mushy overly sweetened meringue, rock solid, flavourless ice cream (cardamom – really? could fool anyone!), undercooked, oversweet rhubarb (and no where near enough of it – luckily in this occassion!).

Overall Experience: 7 (friendly staff)
Recommend you to go? 5
Food: 4
Wine: 8 (Gruner Veltliner, yet again!)

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