“Kopapa, Kopapa!
that’s how it goes
Kopapa, Kopapa!
Everyone knows”
(free head massage if you can sing it to the right tune!)

The term ‘fusion food’ has always made me cringe and laugh, conjuring up images of dishes like ‘dal and spaghetti’, that while edible at home, not quite what you want to go out to eat. It’s also a term that, having been coined in the 80’s,has seen dishes of a rather lamentable and forgettable nature over the years. I guess a similar craze has recently been swept up by the term ‘molecular gastronomy’. Whilst few are experts in the matter, far too many screw it up! Luckily, Peter Gordon belongs to the former category.

Peter’s food has, over the years, put him at the forefront of cross-cultural cuisine, with restaurants such as the Providores and Sugar Club. The latest addition to his collection, Kopapa, in Seven Dials, London is where we’d decided to go for a pre-Mamma Mia dinner. Being one of the first people in the restaurant at 1730, we settled down with a couple of cocktails (Mango & chilli martini, Watermelon and bacardi ‘lush’) waiting for the others to arrive.

Having all chosen what we’d like to eat, we sat around for about 10 minutes trying to get the attention of a waiter as we were on a bit of a tight schedule. When none appeared, M got up and prodded one to come to our table, pointing where we were. A few minutes later, said waiter went and took the order of the table next to us when M had to go and call another one who finally came and after taking our orders proceeded to tell us that it wasn’t enough food and that most of the dishes listed were tapas sized.

Thanks! Really! Thanks for giving us the necessary information at the start of the meal so that we could have ordered accordingly before being pressed for time as no one bothered come to take our order. Oh and well done for putting the necessary information on the menu! By this time we had about 30 minutes to eat and leave and couldn’t be bothered to go through the menu and choose something else. Apparently, half of us had ordered full sized dishes, and half of us had ordered tapas sized dishes. On the menu they all looked the same with no indication.

Nevertheless time was ticking and we were hungry and getting a bit irritated as the table next to us were well through their meal. By the time our food arrived, we had to wolf it down with none of us really being able to enjoy it. I paid up whilst eating just to be on the safe side!

From what we do recall of the food, it looked lovely and tasted nice, but idiotic staff who mostly seemed to hang about the bar did make a botched job of the meal.

Neverthelesss, here’s what we ate:

Roast beetroot and quinoa salad, feta spring roll
Hot-smoked salmon on asparagus, peas & soy glazed grelots with fennel cream & buckwheat crackers
Seared Yellowfin tuna with wasabi tobikko, green papaya & coriander salad & nori sauce
Whole roast mackerel, chilli and tomato
Duck spring rolls

Hopefully we’ll have slightly more awake and attentive staff. I realise the pleasures of unhurried service, but when they fall asleep, it’s a bit annoying.

Overall Experience:4
Recommend you to go? 6
Food: 6

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