Jamies Italian

There aren’t many chefs who have a jovial persona on screen and off, cook great food at it’s simplest level, challenge long standing norms and tie their shoe laces with their teeth. Jamie Oliver fits perfectly here (he may be able to tie his shoe laces with his teeth, but we don’t know that just yet). I’ve always admired him and when I finally went with a friend to Jamies Italian in the West End, I was quite shocked. Shocked because there was a queue outside his restaurant as long as immigration in Heathrow. Murmurs in the air told us there might be a 2 hour wait. No problem. We persevered. When we finally got to the front, we were told 1 and half hours. Easy. Names on paper, numbers swapped, off we went for cocktails in the sunshine!

Not having ate at any of his places before, I was quite excited when we sat down and starting perusing the menu. Just what I was in the mood for. Simple basic fare.

Worlds best olives on ice, black olive tapenade
Not sure about being the best in the world, but the tapenade was great.

Truffle salami, cured sardines, olives
The salami was yum! Just yum! and the sardines weren’t too bad – be nicer if they were on toast.

Lamb heart, kidney, shoulder, liver, jersey royals, polenta
A behemoth of a dish. Very very yum. Great big portion. Yes! I like!

Overall Experience: 8
Recommend you to go? 9
Food: 8
Wine: 7
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