Indian Accents – November’s SupperClub Delights

1What a month! There’s Diwali, there’s Guy Fawke’s (although this year the two have happened at the same time and the result will probably be London’s loudest night for years, not to mention brightest with two celebratory fireworks occasions happening simultaneously. Then mid-month I’m taking part in Rumble in the Delia culinary boxing match of sorts between London chefs, organised by ShuttleCock Inc and taking place at Tom’s Deli in Nottinghill. I’m there on the 14th & 15th, so come along and cheer!


On to the food! This month’s dinners have been fantastic and we’ve received some great feedback from all the diners who came (and came again!). For those that missed our dinner on the 7th, we’re cooking again on the 21st and it’s a menu made for the chilly winds that so annoyingly nestle into your bones.

Homemade sourdough bread 


Potato & chickpea tikki, Goan mayo


Miso & tamarind glazed aubergines, smoked aubergine relish, peanuts


Rajasthani-spiced lamb, crushed root vegetables, pomegranate, hazelnuts & green beans

Veg option: lentil & red pepper khitchari, pan-fried okra, pickled onion


Roast & raw pineapple, coriander ice cream, red chilli & ginger


Petit fours: mini gulab jamuns & ginger yoghurt


Jar of Mojo Risin, our new chilli relish

Bookings can be made via Grub Club (@grub_club) by clicking here and cost £29.50 per person. You can also bring your own drinks!

Our dinners are located in Islington, N19 with great access to public transport.


At That Hungry Chef we’re also working on launching our own brand of food products later this year. We’re not telling you just yet what it is that you can look out for, but one thing is for sure – there’s going to be a dangerously hot chilli relish with loads of flavour combinations and a delightful and addictive burn coming your way.

Happy November!