Corrigan’s Mayfair

The first signs of trouble are when you make a booking for Sunday and are told you can only have the table for 2 hours. Normally, that’s ample time for a meal, but on a Sunday? One wants to go to lunch, have a few cocktails, take it easy, and not have to worry about being told to bugger off. Nevertheless, it happened to be the restaurant of a well known chef, Richard Corrigan who I’d heard plenty of stories about and watched enough times of Great British Menu.

I did have a chuckle to myself as I walked into the restaurant. Dark leather sofas and chairs. Waiters in white jackets far too big for them – the whole place looked a bit stuffy and 1980’s.

A couple of espresso martinis later we sat down and picked up the menu (enormous menu, hardly any dishes).

We went for:

Pork terrine, apple chutney
Completely underseasoned. No, wait. It had no salt. B frantically shook salt all over it until it took up some flavour. Add to that 3 shavings of crispy bread which were in no way enough.

Cauliflower pannacotta, cauliflower puree, crispy cauliflower, curry oil
This dish was perfect! Perfect for an infant’s menu, minus the crispy cauliflower. A finger sized piece of cauliflower jelly, a thin shaved crispy cauliflower, a coffee spoon of cauliflower puree and a little drizzle of curry oil. I love cauliflower, but this is a bit silly – and it was canape sized!

Salad of asparagus and jersey royals
Exactly that. Cooked and raw shaved asparagus, jersey royals, a few leaves. Just like you’d make it at home.

When the mains came, we all had a laugh and said that these must be our starters – they were the perfect size for it!

Braised shoulder of lamb, roast vegetables
Miniscule piece of braised shoulder and 1 skinny cutlet. A few vegetables. Tiny tiny portion.

Sea bass, cauliflower puree, raisins
Ha! My main course was M’s starter with the addition of raisins and sea bass. Oh – completely saltless. As was M & B’s lamb.

And we couldn’t stop laughing about waiters with coats too big for them!

Desserts continued the canape lunch trend perfecly.

Pear and lime pannacotta, caramelised hazelnuts
Thank god the hazelnuts were there – baby food all over! Not very exciting at all.

Baked rice pudding, lime curd
What a great idea – let’s have the same flavours in all the all the dishes! A half finger sized piece of chewy, dry and flavourless rice pudding with a two-bite size piece of rolled tuile stuffed with lime curd. This had to be someone’s idea of a very bad joke.

Oh, not to mention, there must have been about 11 other diners there, with more than half the restaurant left empty. Did we still need to give the table back in 2 hours? More of a waste of two hours it had been to come here in the first place.

The first thing I did was to go to Leon and have a hot chicken and chilli wrap!

Overall Experience: 4
Recommend you to go? 2
Food: 3
Wine: 7

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