Claude Bosi at The Cube by Electrolux, Southbank

Sometime all the chips fall in the right place. A perfect summer evening, a room with a view atop the Royal Festival Hall and a meal cooked by Claude Bosi of Hibiscus in an intimate yet sociable room of about 18 people. Yes, indeed, all these chips did fall into place and the setting sun streamed into the glass dining room, reflecting off St Pauls and glimmering on the Thames and it all started with champagne, gougeres, black olive and garlic croquettes. Claude’s light and delicate handling of flavours was perfectly matched by light and delicate wines and the mirth and laughter spread across the singular table we were all seated at to make it a night to remember..

Hibiscus Flower, Pineapple
Onion and lime ravioli, broad beans
Girolles, chorizo, peas
Pea, coconut
Petit fours

The menu for the night presented itself thus…

Hibiscus Flower ‘tea’, carbonated pineapple foam

Lime and onion ravioli, broad beans

English peas, chorizo, chickweed and girolles

Wild salmon, pigs head, barigoule

Label anglais chicken, Liquorice, Banana, Kaffir Lime (not pictured)

Charlotte strawberries, celeriac, szechuan pepper foam

Peas, Moroccan mint, chocolate, coconut sorbet

Petit Fours: Aero chocolates: milk chocolate and coriander seed, white chocolate and mint, 75% Peruvian bitter


The only one that didn’t quite do it for me was the Chicken and Liquorice. I’ve had it once before and didn’t think too much of it back then. All the ingredients were great together – the chicken was the only thing out of place.


Chicken aside, the rest of the menu found its way into food heaven and many happy smiles. Just a rare occasion where all the chips, including the elusive English summer, fell into place. Right at the last moment, to top things off, Mr. Dramatic Whisky pulls out a flask full of a majestic a Single Cask, Cask Strength 18 Year Old Glen Dullan. *Sigh* Happy Sunday!