Ben’s House Pop-up dinner

Perfume: An Edible Scent Part 2
Bens house

We’re really excited about doing our first pop-up outside our home and where better than with Ben Leask – shopkeeper extraordinaire, who owns and runs Ben’s House. Ben’s House is a cafe and deli in the heart of Fitzrovia where everything is crafted, cured and created in London, including wine and rum! Here you’ll find an exquisite selection of nibbles from Crosstown Doughnuts and other artisan food producers, as well as a beautiful selection of store cupboard essentials and delights, including That Hungry Chef’s chilli sauces and Asian-spiced potted meats.

So, this weekend, we’re hosting our Edible Scent dinner at Ben’s House. This dinner is inspired by the fleeting and ethereal world of perfumery and my take on perfume – making them edible. Yes, every organic and traditional ingredient used in the making of perfumes has a taste that is very reminiscent of the way it smells. Take for example Frankincense – it’s heady and deliciously warming when sprayed on your skin or burnt as incense but, equally, when a few drops are added to food, you get to smell and taste that alluring, magical ingredient.

The menu we’re serving up is as follows…


Top Notes

Welcome drink: Old Amazon Tonka bean infused rum, coffee & coconut

Scented stories and aromatic nibbles

Mushroom & hemp seed bread, white onion & Oud soup

Middle Notes

Bergamot & rosemary cured salmon, cucumber & mustard

Screw Pine scented pheasant, green wheat & leg pilaf, apple & aubergine

Bottom Notes

Carrot, patchouli & Atlas cedar wood tart, Cassia ice cream

Chocolate, labdanum & tobacco

If you’re one of the few who managed to get a ticket, we’re looking forward to seeing you! If you missed out on this one, don’t worry, we’ll be doing more of our Edible Scent series next year (there’s so many wonderful perfumes just waiting to be cooked and eaten!)