A Maharajah Christmas

It’s the same old story year after year. Christmas starts in October and by the time the big day comes around, we’ve all had it up to our eyeballs with carols, turkey, mince pies and the entire gamut of Christmas tradition. Having said that, the one thing I never tire of eating is Stollen – one of the best cakes ever and even better when it comes from Dresden, the home of stollen.

So Christmas is just a few weeks away and we though we’d try and alleviate your saturation of excessive marketing, carols everywhere and more importantly traditional dinner! We travel far from the turkeys and mince pies of England to the Royal Houses of North India for a very different kind of Christmas. Whilst these royal houses may not have celebrated Christmas as we do, their kitchens had reputations reaching far and wide and delved into the recipe books of the Royals to bring a regal menu to our December dinners because we know that as lovely as turkey and mince pies may be, one always needs a break in favour of something a little regal.




Here’s what we’re cooking up.

Yoghurt kebab (House of Sailana)


Venison Pasanda (Maharaja Ajit Singh of Jhabua)

Veg option: Chickpea fritters in a spiced buttermilk kadhi (House of Sailana)

Dry-spiced lentils ‘Dal be aab’ (Maharaja Harsingh of Kashmir)

Smoked turnip crush ‘Shalgam Bharta’ (House of Sailana)

Spinach raita

Star anise pilau


Carrot halwa with cinnamon ice cream


Here are some recent reviews from our past events.

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Dinner costs £29.50 and you’re most welcome to bring your own bottle of something lovely.

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